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Our friend George McClellan has released two new CDs!
"Chicago Rapid Transit"
"Chicago Rapid Transit" was written on April 12, 1999 by George McClellen and dedicated by him to the memory of John Roache. In George's words, it's "sorta in the style of Zez Confrey and Robin Frost." Arranged and sequenced 8/99 by Irwin S. Schwartz.
Enjoy the ride!
CD Cover Art Hey, fans.. It's finally here!
My second Music CD,
"Hot Kumquats and other Frosty Treats" 

Click HERE for complete details, RealAudio Sound Clips, Reviews and ordering information for this and my other CD, "Syncopated Odyssey".

I think they like it! I have been getting some nice reviews and fan letters.

Folio Cover Art Robin Frost Music Folio Released
"Hot Kumquats and Other Frosty Treats 
The companion Music Folio to my new CD. This is the first NEW music of Robin Frost to be published in TEN years. Contains 18 new compositions.

Click HERE for complete details, online MIDI excerpts of all 18 pieces, and ordering information.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the MIDI sequences at this site are my own.  
To listen to a sample of the type of music you can find here,
The music you will be listening to is my MIDI sequence, "The Baltimore Todolo" By Eubie Blake (Scott Kirby's arrangement). 
If you didn't hear any music, please don't send me e-mail. You need to configure your WWW browsing software. 
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Ragtime Store Opens
I have had so many requests for ragtime music recommendations that, in association with, I have opened a RAGTIME STORE here in the lobby of the Library. I have searched and researched the database of available material and present my recommendations here for you to purchase. These are all items which I have in my own personal library and I only recommend what I know. All the items in the store are neatly catagorically arranged in tabular form and are just a click away from the purchasing source. I think you will appreciate and use this handy service.

Here's what one recent visitor had to say about the Ragtime Store:
"I just finished reviewing the offerings you listed as available from Amazon and I want to thank you so very much for involving yourself with this effort! As many other long suffering Ragtime fans have no doubt discovered, finding available recordings is a painfully slow and time consuming task which normally meets with little success. I know I have personally spent many hours doing web searches and searches of the data base of Amazon's biggest competitor with disappointing results. My only problem now would seem to be financing everything I want since I want it all! Thanks again John, I know that all your many fans and Ragtime enthusiasts really appreciate it!" - John B., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Meliora Music Rolls Publishes My Arrangements

Meliora Music Rolls has published 6 of my piano performance/arrangements
on 88-note piano rolls so now you can play my music on your player piano.

The following are now available:

  • "Bucktown Buck" by Frank French - My four-hand arrangement.
  • "Snowy Mornin' Blues" by James P. Johnson - A GREAT stride piano piece and a MUST HAVE!
  • "Mule Walk" by James P. Johnson - Another GREAT stride piano classic.
  • "Hot Kumquats" by Robin Frost - The TITLE PIECE from my new CD
  • "Bozo Pants" by Robin Frost - Also from my new CD.
  • "Long and Gentle" by Robin Frost - A great, previously-unpublished Frost composition.

Article in the Sunday, July 6, 1997 issue of the Baltimore Sun features the Ragtime Midi Library! 
Read all about it. 
" This is the Web at its best " - Mike Himowitz, Baltimore Sun 
What is Ragtime, Novelty and Stride Piano Music? 
For those of you who wanted to know but were afraid to ask (and even for those who asked!), I have written a short multimedia history and comparison of Ragtime, Novelty and Stride Piano music. Be sure to LOOK & LISTEN to this page.
Viridiana Productions
Ragtime performers/composers Scott Kirby, Frank French and David Thomas Roberts have formed their own record company, Viridiana. Read about all their new releases on their new Web Page.
A SOFTWARE wave-table synthesizer! 
Tired of the pathetic music box sounds of your SoundBlaster sound card? Now you can upgrade to wave-table synthesis with this SHAREWARE program so a piano will finally sound like a piano on your computer. All for $20! Check Out WinGroove.
Weber Logo I am pleased to announce that the Weber Piano Company has chosen me to be the featured performer in their "Great Music - Ragtime" feature. Please visit their site and take a look.

Great Music logo © 1997 Weber Piano Co.

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