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Performer:George Bogatko
Composer:Stephen Kent Goodman
Arranged by:George Bogatko

Here is Stephen Kent Goodman's latest original composition. This midi was transcribed and arranged by George Bogatko to simulate an antique band-organ.

Composer Stephen Kent Goodman describes his composition as follows:
The title "A-Parrot-Tefe Rag" was commissioned by Capt. Kenneth Force, Bandmaster, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Band, Kings Point, NY. Capt. Force is a life-long fan of both parrots and ragtime (he is volunteer caretaker of Scott Joplin's gravesite in New York). A play on the word "aperitif" (an alcoholic drink taken before meals to stimulate the appetite), the title also refers to "Leitmotif" (German for "lead" or main musical motif).
This composer was queried about how parrot "squawks" would be introduced. Rather than attempt to imitate them using reed instruments, which sometimes inadvertently and unintentionally do crack in tone due to unpredictable reed characteristics, I chose to provide an ad lib section for the best parrot "squawker & talker" in the band, over selected two-bar bass figures during the "C" strain (Trio). Special effects such as bird imitations have been utilized by me before in rags & one-steps, usually achieved by standard albeit sometimes hard-to-find mechanical/acoustical devices such as water-filled bird whistles, duck- calls, etc. But in this rag's case, the best parrot imitation is encouraged out of the pool of band musicians.
The first strain captures the eager parrot pacing back and forth on the perch, while the human is attempting to teach it a phrase by repetition. A rather "modern" harmonic treatment is given the melody during the closing bars of this section, utilizing a harmonic approach that was never found in first-generation ragtime.
The second strain (also the "D" strain), harmonically and melodically "opens up" and the brilliant colors are displayed; a Pryoresque countermelody in the trombones and baritones adds momentum.
This rag is written in the spirit of a typical Arthur Pryor rag, which were originally composed not for piano, but for concert band (also known as symphonic band, wind symphony and a host of other modern names).
/s/ Stephen Kent Goodman April, 1996. (c) 1996 Sound Traditions Publishing - all rights reserved. Not for distribution for profit

Arranger George Bogatko's comments about the midi sequence he created:
This is Stephen Kent Goodman's latest. It's called "A-Parrot-Tefe". He did the composing work, and I tried my best to make it sound like a "dream" band organ. (Dream in that it has an impossible chromatic scale).
A few warnings. You'll need a real General (GS) MIDI synth to play this. Plain FM synthesis won't sound that good. It was done on an AWE32 PC synth, and should sound good on most Roland gear. Have one that has at least 30 voice polyphony. Another problem that crops up is on PC programs that use the "MidiMapper." If the "MidiMapper" has been set to the "extended" doo-hicky, then you'll only hear the first 10 tracks. The rest are thrown in the tank. If you don't hear some really pronounced bass parts, that's whats happening. Go into Control Panel->MidiMapper and try another setting, such as ALL, or at least be sure that at least 13 tracks are available.
Another thing is to be sure and have your synth set up as a GS MIDI, not a GM MIDI. I used the "orchestral drum set" in this, and that only works on GS MIDI. If the percussion sounds like a rock drummer, that's what's happening. The Bass Drum should sound like a big tubby bass drum.
I hope you like it!
George Bogatko

Note: Both the composer's and arranger's comments are included in the zip file which you download.

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