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Composers A thru E: Titles: Style:
Ashwander, Donald Friday Night Contemporary Ragtime
Beiderbecke, Bix In A Mist Novelty Piano
Blake, Eubie The Baltimore Todolo Stride, Swing
Bopp, Tom The Nepalese Rag Ragtime
Brier, Tom Rose Blossoms Ragtime
Confrey, Zez Kitten On The Keys Piano Novelty
Confrey, Zez You Tell 'Em, Ivories Piano Novelty
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Composers F thru J: Title: Style:
French, Frank Belle of Louisville Ragtime
French, Frank Bucktown Buck Ragtime
French, Frank Bucktown Buck,
piano duet arrangement
Frost, Robin Eccentric Formalism Rag Ragtime
Frost, Robin Fingers on Holiday Ragtime Piano Novelty
Frost, Robin Greased Limelight Ragtime Piano Novelty
Frost, Robin Occident Express Ragtime Piano Novelty
Frost, Robin Rolling Avocado Ragtime Piano Novelty
Frost, Robin Space Shuffle Ragtime Piano Novelty
Frost, Robin Three Sheets in the Ocean,
One Foot in the Sunset, & You
Ragtime Piano Novelty
Frost, Robin Uncle Herbie's Rag Ragtime
Frost, Robin Windmill Rag Ragtime
Goodman, Stephen Kent A-Parrot-Tefe Rag Ragtime Band-Organ
Goodman, Stephen Kent Painting the Town Red, White & Blue Ragtime Band-Organ
Hoeptner, Fred Aura Of Indigo Sentimental Rag
Hunter, Charles Back To Life Ragtime
Isbitz, Hal Elephant St. Rag Ragtime
Johnson, James P. Carolina Shout Stride Piano
Johnson, James P. Jingles Stride Piano
Johnson, James P. The Mule Walk Stride Piano
Johnson, James P. Snowy Mornin' Blues Stride Piano
Joplin, Scott &
Louis Chauvin
Heliotrope Bouquet Ragtime
Joplin, Scott Bethena Ragtime Concert Waltz
Joplin, Scott The Cascades Ragtime
Joplin, Scott The Maple Leaf Rag Ragtime
Joplin, Scott Solace Ragtime Tango
Joplin, Scott Wall Street Rag Ragtime
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Composers K thru O: Title: Style:
Lamb, Joseph American Beauty Rag Ragtime
Lamb, Joseph Top Liner Rag Ragtime
McClellan, George Excitation Rag Ragtime
McClellan, George Exhilaration Rag Ragtime
McClellan, George Exhaustion Rag Ragtime
McClellan, George Khartoum Rag Ragtime
Marshall, Arthur Missouri Romp Ragtime
Morton, Jelly Roll Mister Joe Ragtime
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Composers P thru T: Title: Style:
Rainger, Ralph Pianogram Piano-Roll Novelty
Schutt, Arthur Bluin' The Black Keys Piano Novelty
Rummel, Jack Lone Jack To Knob Noster Ragtime
Schwartz, Jean The Whitewash Man Ragtime Piano,
tuba & banjo
Scott, James Climax Rag Ragtime
Straight, Charlie Lazy Bone Rag Ragtime Piano-Roll
Sullivan, Joe Little Rock Getaway Stride Piano
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Composers U Thru Z: Title: Style:
Wilkes,Galen Niantic By The Sea Ragtime
Zurke, Bob Hobson Street Blues Stride Piano
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To Download the complete MIDI file, click on the title or the "GET MIDI" icon. (Note: The MIDI files are compressed using PKZip and will need to be decompressed using a decompression utility before you can play them.) Each .ZIP file has an explanatory .TXT file included. These MIDI performances are © 1995-1997 by John E. Roache and you may distribute these files for non-commercial purposes only but ONLY in their ZIP archive form with attached TEXT FILES.
Listening to a Sample of a MIDI file while online:
If you have a sound card with MIDI playback capability and you are using WWW browser software (like Netscape) which will launch a midi player "helper application" when it receives a downloaded midi file, you can click on the "LISTEN" icon to hear a 15-20 second sample of the file while you are reading it's description. Click HERE for help configuring your web browser software to play online MIDI files and a link to the source for a SLICK shareware MIDI player.

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The MIDI performances available at this site are all performance copyright 1995-1999 by John E. Roache and may NOT be used for any commercial use whatsoever without permission. The MIDI sequences may be freely distributed for non-commercial use only in their compressed .ZIP form with all attached text files.

DISCLAIMER: Please note this is a FREE MIDI musical site. All the songs contained in this site are either in the public domain or the composer and/or publisher has given permission for use. The music and information on this website are intended only for the enjoyment of those who care to listen to it. If there is any infringement on anyone's rights, or any material on my site that the author objects to its use here, I will remove same on being notified.

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