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Born in 1926 into a musical family where almost everyone played some instrument by ear, and singing in harmony was a frequent family entertainment, George McClellan began to learn piano at age six, by ear. Aided and abetted by a brother ten years older, he learned to recognize the sounds of the various essential chord forms: sixths, sevenths, major, minor, diminished, augmented and their logical combinations. Later efforts to teach him to read music were fruitless for, while laboring painfully through dull piano pieces assigned by his instructor, he would almost invariably encounter a combination of chords which would remind him of something needed to complete or embellish his concept of another (popular) song's chord progression, whereupon the practice session would end. He played second violin in the high school orchestra, where he gained minimal understanding of printed music.

Throughout his life, original tunes have popped into his mind. Some would be developed completely, including full orchestral performances - all in his head, of course. They were never written due to the dual deficiencies in time and drafting skills. Retirement from an engineering career in 1991 and the acquisition of a computer and software gave him the time and the means to begin putting on paper the tunes which still manifest themselves to him. He began to write and copyright music of various styles, including ragtime.

A super dose of ragtime at the West Coast Ragtime Festival in 1994 did much to focus his attention on this happy, light-hearted music form, He has now copyrighted a dozen rags, all arranged for piano, and a number of pieces in other styles for both piano and small combos.

Available Material by George McClellan

MIDI Sequences

EXHILARATION RAG. The first rag in George's "Ex-Files" trilogy. A midi sequence by John Roache.

EXCITATION RAG. The second rag in George's "Ex-Files" trilogy. A midi sequence by John Roache.

EXHAUSTION RAG. The third rag in George's "Ex-Files" trilogy. A midi sequence by John Roache.

Printed music....

KHARTOUM RAG. A novelty rag with a middle eastern flavor. (Sheet music- $3.00)

THE EX-FILES TRILOGY. Includes Exhilaration Rag, Excitation Rag and Exhaustion Rag. (Folio- $12.00)

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