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Performer:Tom Bopp
Composer:Tom Bopp

Tom's Comments:
As soon as I'd heard that my brother-in-law would be traveling to Nepal, last year, I asked him to bring back a recording of Nepali folk-music with which I might fulfill the promise of a wretched pun I'd invented long ago, in a state of mind far removed. Well, he did, and I did.

The titles of the folk songs used are: 1)Resham Firiri, 2)Trishulima Buenko Chakati, 3)Dharti Merini Lai Lai, 4)Asali Bana Ho. No, I haven't a clue what they mean. I have kept the tunes fairly intact, so you may get vegetables flung at you if there are any Nepalese around when you play it. For that matter, just announcing the title of the rag may net you a stray egg or two. Sorry.

I've done up a printed version (with an attractive cover featuring a photo of my 'Model'--a Nepali drum) for distribution. Get in touch with me via E-Mail Or visit my WWW page. Ask about my CD, cassettes, etc., if you're curious. I perform regulary at the Wawona Hotel in Yosemite National Park (since 1983). Come visit! Call the Wawona front desk at 209 375-6556, or for accommodations (reservations) call 209 252-4848.

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© 1997 John E. Roache. This MIDI performance is © (P) 1996 by Tom Bopp and may NOT be used for any commercial use whatsoever without permission. The MIDI sequences may be freely distributed for non-commercial use only in their compressed .ZIP form with all attached text files.
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