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MIDI Sequence
"You Tell 'Em, Ivories"
Zez Confrey Novelty
NEW Music Folio
just released
"Hot Kumquats"
Robin Frost Novelty/Stride
MIDI Sequence
"Greased Limelight"
Robin Frost Novelty
THE RAGTIME STORE has opened and provides a quick and easy
source to purchase ragtime music books, folios, and recordings all
of which have my personal recommendation
MIDI Sequence
"Khartoum Rag"
George McClellan Ragtime 10/25/98
"Hot Kumquats",
is released!
John Roache Stride Piano 10/25/98
John Roache Biography John Roache Biography 7/16/99
New Donald Ashwander
Music Folio Available!
Donald Ashwander Biography & Listing
of available music
Composer Profile Brian Keenan Biography & Listing
of available music
Fingers on Holiday Robin Frost Ragtime Piano Novelty 6/13/98
Composer Profile Robin Frost Biography & Listing
of available music
Six new MIDI
Transcribed by
Richard Stibbons
Piano Roll
"Friday Night" Donald Ashwander Contemporary Ragtime 3/15/98
"Solace" Scott Joplin Ragtime Tango 2/8/98
"The Cascades" Scott Joplin Ragtime 2/7/98

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To Download the complete MIDI file, click on the title or the "GET MIDI" icon. (Note: The MIDI files are compressed using PKZip and will need to be decompressed using a decompression utility before you can play them.) Each .ZIP file has an explanatory .TXT file included. These MIDI performances are © 1995-1997 by John E. Roache and you may distribute these files for non-commercial purposes only but ONLY in their ZIP archive form with attached TEXT FILES.
Listening to a Sample of a MIDI file while online:
If you have a sound card with MIDI playback capability and you are using WWW browser software (like Netscape) which will launch a midi player "helper application" when it receives a downloaded midi file, you can click on the "LISTEN" icon to hear a 15-20 second sample of the file while you are reading it's description. Click HERE for help configuring your web browser software to play online MIDI files and a link to the source for a SLICK shareware MIDI player.

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