MIDI Player Programs for Windows

I have had many requests for information on shareware Windows MIDI player programs.
Here are some good ones which I use.

  • WinGroove
  • The Juker
  • MidiGate


  • Are you tired of listening to your SoundBlaster sound card's artificial sounds? Would you like to upgrade to real Wave-Table Synthesis so that a piano sounds like a piano not a music box? Now you can achieve this without opening up your computer and installing a new, expensive wave-table synthesis sound card. It can be done with SOFTWARE!
    I have just auditioned WinGroove and found that it is a worthwhile investment of just a $20 shareware fee. Download it now and hear how good it sounds in comparison to your SoundBlaster 16. Your PC must have a minimum of a 486 100mhz processor for maximum use of the program, but it ran acceptably on my 486/66. The package also includes a very good, full functioned MIDI player.

    What is WinGroove?

    WinGroove is a software program to play wave-table synthesis MIDI sounds in MS-Windows. Required hardware is only a sound card that supports .WAV output. (Most of them do).

    Features of WinGroove
    Download WinGroove now.

    The Juker
    The Juker 6.0 (Which now has 16bit and 32bit versions, and is Windows 95 compatible) is an excellent multimedia player for .WAV, GMID, MIDI and .AVI files. Users can create albums of songs which can list songs in any order and play them with single button loading; no need to load them over and over again. The program has a few nice features, like looping and random play listing.

    Songs can be queued to play at a sequential or random order. Songs queued can be saved in an album and played in later sessions. The Juker saves its settings and window location on exit to use them for the next session. It even saves the currently playing song, so you can pick up exactly where you left off when you start it again.

    Song progress is shown (and can be controlled) by a moving sound bar. Undesired songs can be removed from the queue and optionally deleted from disk. While a song is playing, it can be stopped or paused and then resumed.

    The Juker is meant to be unobtrusive, it can run all the time as an icon. The animated icon provides a pleasant visual feedback on the play progress. Song play can be paused and resumed simply by clicking the right mouse button on the icon. The name of the current song is shown in the icon's caption, so it's always visible.

    Download THE JUKER Now

    MidiGate can be used either as a stand-alone MIDI player or as a W.W.Web browser helper application.
    • MidiGate will start PLAYING as soon as given a filename argument.
    • Seek feature by pointing to the gauge
    Some new features have been added to the latest releases.
    • Queue all files in one instance
    • Save and recall your favorite queues
    • Looping, auto-exit, auto-stop control
    • "Stay-on-top" function
    • Scan for text in the midi file (while playing)
    • Play one of three midi reset files (GM, GS, Patches)
    • Display path and length of file
    • Invoke mixer
    Click the "Hint" key in the About form to get an idea...

    You should tell your browser that Midi Gate should be invoked whenever a Mime = Audio/Midi (or whatever your server sends) file is received.
    MIDI Gate will automatically play a MIDI sequence when:

    1. the browser receives a file with a Mime=Midi header
    2. it is given a filename as an argument; otherwise, it will present a directory and file list to choose a sequence interactively.
    In case (1) and (2), the sequence will be played even if the file received or given has an extension other than ".mid" - which does happen! The program will queue itself in if a sequence is received/given before another one has finished playing. At the end of play, the program automatically terminates, unless you defeat that function by clicking the checkbox at the end of the gauge.

    Finally, although the program is automatically reduced to an icon at start up, it can be restored if one wishes to see or control the status of the player.

    --------------------Minimum Requirements--------------------
    MIDI Gate for MS Windows require the following:

    • IBM PC compatible machine;
    • MS Windows Version 3.1 or later;
    • Microsoft (or compatible) mouse;
    • MIDI hardware (sound card at minimum) and MIDI drivers;
    • GM_Reset.mid, GS_Reset.mid, PA_Reset.mid should be placed in the same directory as MidiGate.exe. (These files are in the setup kit.)
    • VBRUN300.DLL in the \Windows\System subdirectory.
      NOTE: If you do not already have VBRUN300.DLL, you can download it with FTP from (look for VBRUN300.ZIP in the /pub/prs directory.) Do this BEFORE running SETUP.EXE

    Download MIDIGATE Now*
    *Midigate and Midigate Icon copyright 1995-1996 by PRS Inc.

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