All the MIDI files on this website have been made available free in order to promote ragtime and my music business. If you make them available for download from your website, they must be kept in their original .ZIP format with all included TEXT files. You may also use them for background music on your website provided you follow these rules:

  1. Your page may NOT be a commercial enterprise.  In other words you don't SELL or PROMOTE ANYTHING on the page.  If the website is a commercial one, Please  CONTACT US for information about licensing John's music for commercial purposes.
  2. You CONTACT US and ask our permission to use the music.
  3. On the page where the music is used, John am given complete, conspicuous credit for the music with a link to this site using the banner. The credit should include the title, composer and copyright information for the music.
  4. You provide us with the URL of the page where the music is located and we approve the placement of my music there.

This is what the BANNER looks like:

 Click HERE for an example of a site who followed all the rules and then some. Thanks, Charlie Tupper!

Do you WANT to place my MIDI music on your Web Page as background music, but don't know how????  The Crescendo Web Site has all the info you need and then some!