Performer:John Roache
Composer:Scott Joplin
Arranged by:John Roache

Here is Scott Joplin's beautiful "Solace - A Mexican Serenade", written in 1909.
Rudi Blesh, writing in "Scott Joplin - The Complete Piano Works", exclaims that the six piano compositions Joplin published in 1909 would assure him a high place in American Music, were those all that he had ever written.
Marvin Hamlisch selected "Solace" as one of the Joplin pieces featured in the motion picture "The Sting", although, for a reason which escapes me, he chose only the C and D strains from the piece to use in the sound track. Because of this, many prople do not recognize the piece until they hear the C strain. Incidentally, it's the C strain which you hear in my sound clip.
This piece is the only one Joplin wrote in the tango rhythm. Blesh writes-"Originally from Cuba, by way of African cult houses where it is said to have been known by its African tribal name, 'Tangana', this rhythm had entered American piano literature as early as 1860 with Louis Moreau Gottschalk's 'Souvenir de la Havane'. The first reported instance of tango in the unchronicled history of American Negro music is a rag-tango called 'The Dream', composed and played by an itinerant black player, Jessie Pickett, at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893."

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