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Performer:John Roache
Composer:Zez Confrey
Arranged by:John Roache

Here is "You Tell 'Em, Ivories" a Piano Novelty number published in 1921 by the master of that idiom, Zez Confrey.
This rendition is based on the composer's own 1921 recording. Confrey's recording differs greatly from the published sheet music and included unwritten repeats of the B and D strains. This was probably done to increase the playing time to 3 minutes, the length of one side of a 78RPM record.
As usual, the written score indicates straight eighth notes which are actually "swung" in the recording. Many of Confrey's performances use a swinging, banjo-style strumming effect which is commonly found in recordings of this era. In this transcription of Confrey's recording, I utilize this effect as Confrey did.

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